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Plastic Surgery

There is a long list of surgeries being done at Devendra Hospital which comes under the heading of Plastic surgery which includes reconstructive surgery following trauma, accident, birth deformity, burns contracture, repair of deformity following previous surgery. Repair and formation of deformed congenital anomalies example, microtia, ptosis, cleft lip & palate, genital anomalies like epispedias, hypospedias, etc. And many more. 

Cosmetic Surgery

We perform all beautifying cosmetic surgeries that you could imagine. Facelift, Botox, fat grafting: lip and cheek filling, mammoplasty: breasts implant, reducing the size of large breasts, reshaping breasts surgery.   Hip and calf implants. Brow raising surgeries. Rhinoplasties. Scar revisions. Cosmetic repair of fresh injuries to avoid scars.

Pain Management

Dr. Gupta is the master of regional anesthesia. His local anesthetic nerve blocks work wonders in regional relief of pain and facilitate healing. He has successfully done very difficult to do cardiac blocks. Helpful in relieving pain due to the neurological pain of the spinal cord, sciatica, herpetic neuralgia etc


We perform all kinds of dermatosurgeries like the treatment of white spots surgically, for vitiligo (white spots) Dr. Gupta has invented very successful technique which has been published by Springer UK as his single-author book on "Microskin Grafting for Vitiligo". We do hair transplant surgeries, Laser therapies for rejuvenation, hair removal, mole removal, scar, vitiligo treatment, acne treatment. Consultation for all kinds of skin conditions.