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About Us

About Devendra Hospital

Devendra Hospital was established in the year 1987. It is owned by Dr. Gupta and is dedicated to plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. We are master of not only white spot surgery which is surgically treated with a technique invented by Dr. Devendra K. Gupta. He is a single author of the book "Microskin Grafting for Vitiligo" by renowned publisher Springer UK.  Devendra Hospital trusts the power of innovation and reforms. We believe in accepting and implementing research-based techniques of treatment and management for better results and patient satisfaction. Our core philosophy lies in innovation and research. We have several publications of creative techniques published by Springer UK, Canadian Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery, The American society of dermatologic surgery, Indian journal of plastic surgery, and many more. Read more

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Devendra Kumar Gupta
Plastic Surgeon, Owner
Email: dr.dkgupt@gmail.com



Dr. Devendra K. Gupta has been practicing, plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery since 1984. He was awarded his degree of M.ch. Plastic Surgery by father of Modern Indian Plastic Surgery, Dr. H. Noshir Antia a Hunterian Professor as his examiner and honorable Professor Dr. Sam C. Bose. Thereafter Dr. Devendra’s presentation of fine quality plastic surgery work with his original techniques and procedure has brought him recognition at the national and international level. He is highly regarded by his fellow surgeons. He has chaired the lectures of many known Plastic surgeons of the nation. He has the honor of being the chairperson of a lecture of Dr. I. T. Jackson, a living legend of craniofacial plastic surgery in an Indian Congress of plastic surgeons, Kolkata 1998.


Dr. Devendra is one of the pioneers who started the trend of free Plastic Surgery Camps for the poor patients and did hundreds of surgeries and thousands of minor procedures in such camps. He did rhinoplasties, otoplasties, eyelid surgeries and claw hand surgeries of lepers without charging a single penny and funded all the cost of camps on his own. He says “ I learned a lot through social services”


Out of his uncountable plastic surgery works Dr. Devendra has around 40,000 photographs of his patients in his collection. These pre, post, and intraoperative pictures are the proof of his fine quality work and good results. He has been giving his patients photographs of different stages of their procedure showing a remarkable difference from before and after treatment. He is a synonym of a simple introvert workaholic who has a list of thousands of satisfied patients behind him.


Dr. Devendra is being invited for his lectures on plastic surgery and regional anesthesia all over India. He conducts teaching programs for plastic surgeons (Hypospadias, pinna reconstruction, burn contractures, rhinoplasty etc); oculoplastic surgeons (eye tumors, and ptosis, lid reconstruction etc); Gynecologists (Reconstruction vaginal surgery and cosmetic gynecological surgery etc); Anesthesiologists (techniques, IPL & laser procedures).

Dr. Devendra has designed & developed plastic, cosmetic  surgical/non-surgical procedures. 

Dr. Shruti Devendra
MBBS MS (pgy1)
Director of Devendra Hospital
Email: shrutiji10@gmail.com


Today I proudly find myself as a Director of Devendra Hospital which by all means is my father's (Dr. Devendra K. Gupta) temple where he has worshiped medical science and served his patients with care. I finished my graduation in Medicine and left to the United States. I did research at Harvard Medical School Boston in nephrology and gastroenterology. In the process, I learned a lot about United States healthcare system and made many friends along the way. I am very close to my mentors there and I see them as my role model. I certainly wish to use those experiences for the welfare of the society in India.



I have assisted my father in his innovations and research in the past. With my experience in the United States combined with my hands on experience in India, I took a stand to reform this Hospital into a technologically advanced center for dermatological, plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Devendra Hospital is already known for it quality of results and innovative approach to management of various conditions. Now It has digital medical records for easy followup of the patients, advanced laser machines for acne, hair removal, rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment and many more. 


I warmly invite you all to our hospital and get benefited by our services.


Thank you for reading this message!