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Vitiligo (safed daag/ white spots/ leukoderma) is NOT a stigma anymore!!!

March 20, 2018

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For more detail about vitiligo (safed Daag) treatment scan the QR code, visit our vitiligo website, or read the blog!!

Dr. Devendra K. Gupta has a huge library of patients pre and post operation and follow-up photographs. visit our YouTube channel

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Dr. Gupta is widely published in national and international journals. For example, Springer UK, Canadian Journal of cutaneous medicine and surgery, The American society of dermatologic surgery, Indian journal of plastic surgery, and many more.

 Why should you lose the opportunity of getting benefits from his lifetime toil, excellently mastered skills, and unparalleled results?!


  • Dr. Gupta, Very nice result and the surgical procedure is well documented, keep up the work, one day I am sure you can publish the results, for the benefit of the juniors and teaching. With best wishes, -Dr. lakshmi Saleem (yahoo plastic surgery forum)


  • sir, Really your tips on PPP is very useful and enjoyed your presentation.It is nice to see your plastic surgery pictures. Thank you - Dr. Senthilkumar (yahoo plastic surgery forum)


  • Dear Dr. Gupta,
    Let me first congratulate you on the way you are presenting the cases. It is very educative and a model for the junior colleagues to follow; how to analyze, document and present. 
    Kind Regards, -
    Dr. Mukunda Reddy Prof.  & Head of Plastic Surgery Department Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences Punjagutta Hyderabad (yahoo plastic surgery forum)


  • Respected sir Many thanks to you for your highly informative &illustrative emails.Sir, you said about your cost-effective techniques in clefts &colour atlas of your techniques.Do you have them in the form of DVDs or book?Could you please let me know about this. Sir, It will be the matter of pride if you come out with a plastic surgery illustrative textbook.Hope you continue to enlighten us.                                                 regards    -      Dr. S.Bashajan (yahoo plastic surgery forum)


  • Respected Sir, I have gone through your tips on power point presentation .ithink that next time when I will prepare my slides it will be much better than before.U have taught me a lesson of a discipline of plastic surgery that is perfect documentation.I think it is your passion for it which makes it possible. I am a very junior plastic surgeon more into micro and reconstruction from surat ..Gujarat.I am a smile train partner also.I have forwarded your mail to smile train to show them that Indian registration system is much superior to others. Sir, please send me the detailed method of lip repair done in local and
    torneque. The slide in your presentation was probably of tm jt ankylosis how to go with the nasolabial approach. I want to meet u sir.R u coming for aesthetic conf to Agra. thanks - Dr. Vitrag Shah (yahoo Plastic surgery forum)


  • Dear Dr. Gupta, I like many of my colleagues and friends, appreciate your detailed presentations on the Yahoo group.  They teach us what really record keeping means and how to make effective presentations.  It is a commendable job to organized the work so beautifully!   I am looking forward meeting you in one of the conferences in near future. With regards, Jyotsna (yahoo plastic surgery forum)


  • Dr Gupta demonstrates how things are possible with inexpensive means in a simple way and yet with great results, at least in his hands. But patenting is about making things expensive. It requires a lot of time I think to go after patenting and making a business model. Dr Gupta, I suppose likes to spend his time doing new things, helping patients. That’s his talent. He also makes great videos and presentations. He always answers a question with an example and n pictures - which is the best way because a theory is available in literature and still we need an example sometimes, an advise from someone who has done and can demonstrate what to expect.  His emails to yahoo group can be compiled like an ebook - free for all students ( young or old ) of plastic surgery. Dr Priti Shukla ,  (Plastic Surgery)M.Ch .M.S,